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Brett Garbut brings a wealth of experience to the role of Managing Director at Sentinel Solutions, with over 27 years of dedicated service in the field of financial and estate planning. Brett’s unwavering vision and mission revolve around one central goal: helping clients maximize both the funds they can enjoy during their lifetime and the wealth they can leave behind for their loved ones.

Brett’s expertise spans a comprehensive spectrum, benefitting both individuals and businesses alike. He excels in crafting tailored solutions that safeguard, accumulate, and expand wealth. His skill set uniquely integrates insurance and wealth management, estate planning, and employee benefits strategies to provide clients with holistic financial security.

With designations as a Certified Fund Specialist (CFS) and a Certified Long Term Care Specialist (CLTC), Brett is not only well-versed but also deeply committed to staying at the forefront of industry best practices. His journey in the financial world commenced with Fifth Ave Financial in 1996 and has continued to flourish at Sentinel Solutions since 2009.

An alumnus of Ohio State University, Brett actively supports his alma mater, cementing his dedication to education and community involvement. Family is at the core of his values, as a husband and father of three. Brett’s diverse background informs his approach to serving clients with empathy, understanding, and a strong focus on long-term financial success.

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