Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major taxes?
Current tax, ongoing tax, distribution tax, and estate tax.
How do you define “holistic” planning?
Holistic planning is the process of creating a foundation that includes the proper estate documentation, protection strategies, and investment strategies that not only address asset allocation, but also asset location. If you are a business owner, your advisor needs to understand the structure of your business and how it intersects with your personal estate
What are your qualifications?
Our team holds multiple industry licenses and certifications including CFA, CPA, CFP, CEPA, FINRA registrations, and over 90 years of combined experience.
Are you a fiduciary?
Yes, we are an Investment Advisor.
What is your compensation/fee structure?
We have two simple approaches: you can pay a flat advisory fee or, if we manage your assets, an AUM (Assets Under Management) fee.
Who will have access to my information?
Your information is completely protected, but you can authorize who has access.
Could recent market or legislative changes affect my finances?
Absolutely. First, markets will always have volatility. Understanding your risk profile and educating you on the nuances of your investments is integral in allowing you to sleep well at night. Second, tax laws change often and details get lost. We monitor these changes and communicate with you should adjustments need to be made.

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