We want your golden years to be truly golden

Retirement planning can feel like a distant concept,
but trust us, it’s never too early to start
building your financial future.

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Retirement planning can feel like a distant concept, but trust us, it’s never too early to start building your financial future.

Start Investing in A Better Tomorrow

Our initial consultation focuses on understanding your current 401(k) plan, your relationship with your providers and record keepers, and your satisfaction with their services. We explore all facets of your plan, from the impact of fees to the quality of services offered, and we analyze whether a tech-forward approach could enhance your overall experience.

Above all, we believe in taking on your challenges, alleviating your pain points, and creating seamless transitions for you. Our extensive industry relationships and deep understanding of providers set us apart and enable us to tailor our services to our clients’ needs.


We approach investments with a strategic, personalized focus. We perform a fiduciary investment review, analyzing your existing portfolio, identifying gaps, and recommending improvements that align with your financial objectives.

Our B3 Provider Analysis gives us the insight to ensure you have the best providers for your specific needs. We compare your current providers’ services, fees, and performance with others in the market to find optimal solutions for you.


As part of our boutique investment philosophy, we extend a hands-on, one-on-one service model that sets us apart from the norm. This approach begins with Plan Design Analysis, where we thoroughly assess your current plan’s structure, exploring ways to enhance its efficiency and benefits for both you and your employees.

Our WellCents program provides tailored financial wellness initiatives that support your employees’ financial health, further enhancing their satisfaction and productivity.

The Fiduciary Briefcase is our innovative online platform that securely houses all your plan’s data. This tool ensures you have access to your plan information whenever you need it, contributing to more transparent, informed decision-making.

To further enhance our service offerings, we take care of Force-Out Administration, ensuring that dormant accounts do not burden your plan, and also handle Fund Administration, monitoring, and adjusting investment options as needed.


We’re deeply invested in empowering our clients and their employees through financial education. Our program includes Plan Employee Education, where we ensure your workforce understands the ins and outs of your benefit plan, making the most of the opportunities it provides.

Going a step further, our Financial Education seminars, led by our founder Corey Schneider, provide your employees with invaluable financial insights. These seminars cover a range of financial topics, fostering a more financially literate and secure workforce.

At Sentinel Solutions, we believe in a service model that goes beyond merely providing solutions. We strive to be partners in your financial journey, empowering you with the knowledge and resources you need to make informed decisions. Our unique offerings and commitment to your financial well-being set us apart, placing us as a preferred financial services boutique firm in New York City and beyond.


Sentinel’s Fiduciary Briefcase stands as the gold standard for 401(k) plan compliance. It’s meticulously designed to replicate and consolidate all the essential documentation that the IRS or DOL (Department of Labor) might request in the event of a 401(k) plan audit. At Sentinel, we place a strong emphasis on proactively addressing potential compliance concerns, and the Fiduciary Briefcase plays a pivotal role in this commitment.

With the Fiduciary Briefcase in your arsenal, you’re not just meeting compliance requirements; you’re forging a shield of protection for your plan and its participants. It’s a testament to our dedication to the highest fiduciary standards, making sure your 401(k) plan remains in full compliance, secure, and poised for long-term success.


Tax Efficiency and Planning Strategies

Minimize your tax burden while remaining compliant with applicable regulations.

Maximizing tax efficiency is a critical aspect of preserving and growing your wealth. We’ll explore tax-efficient investment vehicles, such as ETFs, and implement tax loss harvesting strategies to optimize your returns and minimize taxable gains.

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