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Most people we meet with are too busy building their careers, family lives, pursuing charitable interest or hobbies that they don’t have the time to see what is taking place in Washington DC and notice the impact it is having on their personal, financial, and estate plans. Everyone has a plan whether created by design or default, usually starting off by design and ending in default because of the myriad of changes life throws at us creating a lot of uncertainty. Even if all else remains constant tax laws can change which has a dramatic impact on our clients plans.

Our job is to measure the efficiency of a client’s present plan and measure the true costs based on the clients expectations. Like an analyst would view a corporation, we start by gaining a true understanding of our client’s vision of what they want their future to look like. Then we evaluate their assets and liabilities along with cash flows. We look for predictability of cash flows as well as the obstacles that can occur.  We measure the impact of bear markets, rising taxes, inflation, market risk and catastrophe such as law suit, premature death or disability.

In the Enrichment Pledge® stage of our process we gain an understanding of the impact of various factors on our client’s cash flows. We evaluate recommendations alongside comparing cash flows and financial legacy. These evaluations compare base facts compared to the potential solutions.

It is our mission, that our clients should be better off no matter what happens in an uncertain world. Whether they live to long , or suffer a catastrophe and income stops to soon, we aim to  provide predictability which lends itself to assist in gaining economic confidence for our clients.

Simply stated, we help align our clients financial activities with ther evolving aspirations.