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The business environment is more competitive than ever and human capital is the most valuable resource our clients have.  Items that used to be a perk are now considered a requirement. Items like health insurance, employee benefits and retirement plans are in the news every day. The costs are skyrocketing while margins for our clients are tight, yet they need to keep up with the competition. In addition, the legislative landscape continues to provide a lot of uncertainty for our clients.

There are three ingredients to a successful employee benefit program.

  1. The products which are selected. These come from many different insurance carriers and plan providers. We have access to all of these, and are product agnostic. As our client, you are at the center of the recommendation.  Through our Human Capital Concept®  Process  and the Benefit Assessment®, we determine the right product and provider based on your company’s demographics and psychographics.
  2. The implementation, This has two parts.
    1. The first is how you fund  your employee benefit liabilities, working to ensure that the cost structure makes sense for all stakeholders, owners, employeesand any future share holders
    2. Then through our Activation Sequence®  we facilitate all employee enrollments and employee education.
  3. The most important ingredient is the ongoing service, In the Confidence Connection® phase of our process, we work with your employees making sure they are effective for you on your time. The Cost of employee benefit self service is immeasurable in terms of both dollars and employee morale. We are here so your employees do not have to be caught in the 800 Telephone abyss of the insurance companies.  We are here to help and assist  your employees an team in the ABC’s of health insurance:
    • Additions/ terminations to the plan and enrollments
    • Benefit eligibility questions and billing issues
    • Claims resolution and appeals

It is our attention to these ingredients that enables us to provide a confident experience for our clients and their Human Capital. We inderstand that your bottom line is the bottom line.